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IFC is an open standard that is existing since 1994/1995 and actually is inheriting knowledge from even earlier developed standards. Since several years and a large investments in both standard development and software implementation it is a frequently used standard available in a large set of applications (currently more then 100 different applications).

One of the issues with the current versions of IFC (IFC2x3 as well as the comming IFC4), is that parametric knowledge can only be integrated very limitedly. Appart from standard constructs for windows, doors, defining clipping planes/CSG and (steel) profiles it is not possible to integrate real parametric knowledge into an IFC model. As many software packages are able to handle and work with parametric knowledge it is benefitial also to be able to transfer this parametric knowledge.

To enable such possiblities AEC3 (N. Nisbet) has developed an extension to the IFC schema that can both be integrated with IFC2x3 as the comming IFC4. RDF Ltd. developed an application that "understands" this extention and is able to visualise, edit and save a parametric IFC file. The example application is downloadable and can be used for free (also in commercial environments). The source code or help with implementation of this IFC Parametric Extention is available on request for fair prices at customer site or from our development center in Sofia.Download IFC Parametric Editor (free for commercial and non-commercial use)


Download IFC Parametric Editor (free for commercial and non-commercial use).

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