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Realtime parametric CSG (Constructive Solid Geometry) engine component.
  • This component executes Boolean Operations and triangulation in high precision and speed enabling parametric application and 4D support.
  • Available for Linux and Windows in both 32 and 64 bit versions.
  • Under windows it is compiled as DLL and can be interacted with in differend languages like C(++), C#, VB, Java, Delphi and others.
  • Can be used for enabling existing and new applications to support technical 3D and 4D visualization (technical movies), interactive 3D and parametric nD.
  • In case of commercial use a fee is required

Example applications
Example applications+source code

As extention to IFC 2x3 and newer versions a beta version of paramatric behavior in the IFC specification is available. This application is able to load files that are created according to that specification, change the parameters and save changed files. The application is free for commercial and private use but may not be resold, the source code is available by request for a fee. Read more ..

IFC Parametric Editor (free for commercial and non-commercial use).

The IFC Engine DLL is a STEP Toolbox with ability to generate 3D geometry for popular versions of the IFC schema. The component is able to load, edit and create Step Physical Files and their schema's via its own object database. This includes all currently available IFC versions. For IFC 2x3 files and soon also for IFC 2x4/IFC 4 the geometry is generated. It is used in roughly 20 different commercial applications from Europe, USA, China, Australia and Japan. Although development is mainly done by RDF Ltd. ownership lays at and licensing is done by TNO, the largest Dutch research organization. (in case of commercial use a fee is required). Read more ..

Example applications with source code

BimCalc is an end user application for the Building and Construction industry. BimCalc combines GIS scale knowledge with data from CAD vendors via IFC export. As it is build on top of SketchUp it benefits from the interface functionality and extentions created by others. BimCalc is developed in cooperation with StrateGis. RDF Ltd. is responsible for the back end, interested parties in this specific product are requested to contact StrateGis. Read more ..

BimCalc for Revit
BimCalc for SketchUp

IFreeC is a free IFC viewer that enables IFC import for the advanced interface of CAEPoint AEC Technologies. This interface is normally used for specific formats that are frequently used within the Building and Construction industry. IFreeC is developed from RDF Ltd. in cooperation with ceapoint aec technologies. Read more ..

COINS is a Dutch standard for the Building and Construction industry. The standard integrates process information with meta information about products. The real product information is stored in existing open en closed formats. The COINS Viewer shows meta product information combined with the geometrical information in some existing open formats. Development of a similar solution on top of Autodesk Navisworks has started, interested partners in cooperation of distribution of both products are welcome to contact us. Read more ..

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